As you’re no doubt aware, COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the film, television and, particularly, the live theatre industries.

Rest assured that as things slowly begin to adjust to the new normal and the curve flattens out, Anthony will be back to work in some form or other. Auditions for film and television productions have been coming in and possibilities are widening.

Anthony has been busy reading books and learning Japanese. He has also recorded a few new songs with his band, *thank-you*thank-you* which are available to hear for free on SOUNDCLOUD.

However, when things happen, it will be posted here.

May 3 2022

Last month, Anthony was on set again; this time for a role in the third episode of the upcoming Paramount+ production of “GREASE: Rise of the Pink Ladies“. Directed by Deigo Velasco.

He says, “What a great project! This show is tackling some great issues and the members of the team behind it are amazing. I hope the show is a huge success and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

November 2021

The beginning of the month saw Anthony featured in the opening episode of Season 7 for “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Bullet Blondes” playing Pastor Hanson, directed by show runner Kevin Mock. “I had a great time! The leads on this show are a very kind and fun group. And thanks to Kevin for the Crepes and Coffee!“.

December 7, 2020

Anthony is currently shooting an episode of “Two Sentence Horror Stories“, directed by Kimani Ray Smith.